I quit my job.

I know it isn’t every day that someone explains why they quit their job. However, I felt it would possibly be able to help someone make a bold move.

Back in January I started contemplating whether I would work another year at Blue Ridge Elementary or if it was time to close that chapter of my life. I think from the beginning I knew it was time to close that chapter, but my brain kept telling me that wasn’t smart because then I wouldn’t have an income. After about two weeks of talking to those in my life I go to for guidance, I was having another conversation with Papa about the situation and I heard Him whisper, “Do you trust Me?” To which I said, “Yes!” He then responded, “Then why are we still having this conversation… (I thought to myself, “touché.”)… Randi, you can’t fly on my wings standing on the ground, you have to take a leap of faith so that I can catch you.”

I knew that I had to be obedient. So the next day I told my boss that I would be resigning at the end of the school year. I explained, and she completely understood.

You see, I stepped into the role as Site Director for the Southeastern University extension site, but unless we have students, there won’t be money for anyone to be paid, myself included. However, I know that Papa will supply all I need. If we get to August and only have one student, I am going to continue to trust Papa for everything. Because if there is one thing I have learned in my 33 (almost 34 years) of life is that Papa ALWAYS provides for His children.

So I want to issue a challenge to you to take that leap of faith… sometimes it may just be a step… but I promise, it will be worth it. And I would love to pray with you if you are taking a leap, or if you are praying about an upcoming decision. Leave a comment, share this post, or don’t. I will love you either way!

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