In the Fire

Over the past week or so I have been thinking about fire. It started at Hannah’s birthday party. We were all sitting out around a fire enjoying each other’s company, and the fire eventually got to the point of the embers were so hot, that we could put a log on and it would begin to catch on fire. You should have seen us building the fire. It had been raining the previous days and the wood was a bit damp, but we were determined. No lighter fluid was used, but we had some cardboard that we kept feeding the fire until we eventually had a good fire going. About a week later a fire started in California and this fire has spread so quickly due to everything being so dry.

This got me thinking even more about fires. And how they affect us. One of these fires were contained to a fire pit, the other is seeming uncontainable at this point.

For the fire that’s uncontainable, and destroying everything in its path… how would I react if it destroyed my house? Would I be able to still praise Papa for protecting me? I saw a post that Rita Springer has written about Kalley Heiligenthal and it made me have a moment of inward questioning. Rita said this about Kalley:

God is faithful no matter what!

I also heard Papa say that it’s when we are dry that He comes in and kills all the overgrowth and unnecessary things in our hearts. Sometimes we feel dry, not because we aren’t in communion with Him, but out of necessity of being in a place that He is able to remove things!

I have been struggling to see how good He is. I sing the song that He is a Good, Good Father… but there are so many times when I don’t have faith in those words. This is something I have been dealing with and I know that He is faithful and is helping me through this process. I’m not doubting that He is God, or even that He is good… it’s just hard to see Him as a good Father towards me. I can see it for others, but I’m trying to believe it and see it for myself.

For those who are being affected by the Carr fire, or any other fire… you are in my prayers! I have been praying for rain to come and sweep California. A rain that eliminates fires, but doesn’t cause flooding.

I hope you all have a great day!

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