Where’s your heart?

Recently I have been thinking about how so many people bash or hate on mega churches. The ones that specifically come to mind are: Bethel in Redding, CA, Elevation in Charlotte, NC, and Hillsong — both NYC and Australia. There are other churches that I could add to this list, but that’s not my point.

My point is… we “complain” about having to pay to go to a night of worship where these people are sacrificing their time with family to be in whichever city it is that they have traveled to, but when is the last time you’ve heard someone complain about having to pay hundreds of dollars to see their favorite musical artist, a football game, or a broadway play?

Why would we not want to sow into the people’s lives who are spreading the name of Jesus? Don’t get me wrong, I love going to concerts, ball games, and broadway plays… but I have also paid money to go to worship events or conferences because I see the point. It isn’t about helping them get rich and famous. And honestly, if you asked the men and women who are traveling doing the nights of worship, they would probably answer that they are humbled that people are paying to come worship with them.

And if their answer was that they love getting paid to do it… who cares?! It’s what they are doing for a living. And they are spreading the name of Jesus around!

So instead of bashing these people or thinking they are doing it for the wrong reason, why not look at yourself and ask why you are judging them the way you are? And if you aren’t judging them, then don’t complain about the money you spend to go worship with them… realize that it takes a lot of money to travel with a team and to do what they do.

I don’t know if this is coming across the way I want to. Maybe I should wait to read over it before I post… but I also have this whole… I want to be authentic with people and this has been stirring in my spirit for a few weeks now. And I am not mad at anyone… I just hate to see my Papa’s family being mean to each other. Let’s love one another and see what happens! The world will know we are His because of our love!

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