What are you wearing?

A few weeks ago I was talking to my mom about how casual our clothes are these days. We then started saying how people will ask what’s up if you are dressed nice. So my question is, why have we become so casual that it’s more common for someone to be going around in workout clothes, than for a person to go around in nice clothes. And by nice clothes I’m not referring to black-tie attire, I’m talking about dresses, skirts, nice pants/tops, etc.

Has the effect of being such a casual nation affected other aspects of our lives? People seem to be more casual about being places on time, relationships with other people, their job, work, school, and the list could go on… I’m not saying that I’m not guilty… but I am saying that I want to get better at this. I don’t want to have casual relationships, I want to have deep and meaningful relationships. I don’t want to work halfheartedly, I want to give everything I have. I don’t want to just pass each class in school, I want to learn and actually apply myself.

So the next time you see me in a dress, don’t wonder what the occasion is, just know that I’m trying to be more intentional and less casual. Not that I will give up my casual clothes all together. But I want to start putting more effort into all aspects of my life.

Where do you struggle the most in being too casual?

I would love to hear from you… comment below.

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