I mustache you a question.

Okay, ladies. I know there are quite a few of you that will relate to this post. (This is one of those, not so serious, but still vulnerable).

I am hairy! If I don’t do something about it, I would have a mustache… not full out, but the hairs are definitely there. Every now and then I have dark hairs in my chin. Randomly I’ll find a long dark hair on my jaw line. I would have a unibrow if I didn’t pluck/wax my eyebrows. I also have random hairs in the inside corners of my eyes.

I know this isn’t a post to contemplate or think deeper into, but it’s a real post. I hear girls laugh it off when someone points on the “mustache”. I want to just put it out there… the girl knows, there’s no need to point it out. Believe me. All that does is makes the girl’s self-esteem take a hit.

So, if you see a girl with a mustache, or on her chin, in between her eyebrows, or anywhere that isn’t normal… don’t point it out. Instead, find something that’s beautiful about her and tell her.

For the girls reading this, YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. No matter if you have a mustache that you wish would go away… or if you’re struggling with something else. Don’t hate on yourself. Love yourself. Even all of the flaws. Believe me… we all have flaws. Even the women you see on tv or in magazines, they just have a group of people to remove the flaws.

Just remember. You’re not alone!

One thought on “I mustache you a question.

  1. I didn’t know you as this blog! Love it:)
    And agreed. I’m that way too! I was extremely self l cousious when I was in high school about my hair arms:(


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