Be kind.

As I was scrolling through my various Social media platforms, I noticed people making fun of others because of the way they looked. Or maybe they were posting pictures laughing at them. I got to this one photo of this guy and I noticed what they were all making jokes about was the way he was born. How did we get to a place to think it is okay to laugh about and make fun of the way someone looks? Just because they look different than we do doesn’t mean we get to make fun of them.

Maybe, just maybe, that person has ended up in jail because of all the ridicule he has heard his whole life and he thinks that he will never amount to anything or be able to do the things he wants to because of the way he looks.

–this next part is specifically for those who are followers of Christ–

If you say you love Christ, but you post photos of people and make fun of them, or if you laugh at what other people are saying about that person… ask yourself, “Am I loving this person the way Jesus would love this person?”

You see, I’m not perfect. I will never claim to be perfect. I don’t have the perfect body. There have been many times that I have hated the way I looked and thought, “I bet people hate to be seen with me because of my weight.” Or, “Do people make fun of me behind my back?” This does not give me the right to make fun of someone else.

I am probably guilty of making fun of another person for the way they look, and for that I ask forgiveness. From this point forward, I want to be a light to those who are ridiculed for the way they look. And I want to show them that they are beautiful because God made each and everyone of us in His image and in His likeness!

Let’s be kind!

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