Adventure Available

I wanted to start something this year to promote those in my life who have amazing things for you to purchase for your loved ones for Christmas. Or for any gifts for that matter.

I decided to start with my friend, Maggie [Margaret] Turner. She wrote a book called Adventure Available back in 2016 that anyone in their 20s should read. However, it is not limited to just those in their 20s. This book challenged me, and I was already in my 30s when it was released.

Maggie uses her own life to help a person navigate through their 20s and to see how living with God can be the biggest adventure you go on. This would be a great book to do with a small group, or to give to all of the High School seniors in your life. Instead of living your life wanting new adventures, but running away from God, Maggie shows you how to have new adventures with God that will be way better than any adventures you would have without God.

So, click here and buy her book: Adventure Available.

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