God Walks Into A Bar

My second present/stocking stuffer that I want to promote from my friends is Stephen Stover’s book, “God Walks Into A Bar”. If you have ever wanted to know how to naturally talk to other’s about God… this book is for you! 

Stephen walks through different stories from his own life to show you how easy it is to share God’s love with every person you encounter. It is more than a book of stories, but he also challenges the reader to start living life differently.

The best way to go through this book would be to read a chapter a week, instead of flying through the book, but take each chapter and apply what Stephen challenges the readers with at the end of each chapter. Take notes, write about your own adventures, and be ready to see God use you in ways that you never thought would be possible.

You can click on the book cover, and it will take you to Amazon so you can order the book or you can click HERE. It’s only $10! This would be the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who wants to grow closer to God next year, and in turn share His love in an authentic way with others.

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