I have been thinking about the impact that Martin Luther King, Jr. made on the world throughout the past few days. All day I have gone to write this post but each time I feel so inadequate to write about someone so great. I do not fully understand the change that he helped usher into this world, but I am thankful that he did.

I know that racism is something that some people still struggle with. However, I have come to a place to try to not judge others who are racist, but to make sure that I am treating everyone the same.

I have read through many different quotes from MLK, Jr. but you know what stuck out to me the most? It wasn’t that he was an inspirational guy, but rather that he didn’t bash others.

We are now living in a time that people think it is ok to bash others because they are different, or because we may not agree with that person. But then we turn around and celebrate MLK, Jr.

Love is what will change this world. I want to challenge you to love those who have hurt you. Jesus told his disciples in the sermon on the mount that they need to love their enemies and bless those who persecute them. Do we do that? If we are true disciples then that is what we should be doing. So let’s change the way we interact with those who are different than us and love them!

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