the battle is His.

Today when I woke up I didn’t think anything was different, I just figured it would be another day. However, before lunch I had found out that a friend’s kid had accidentally been ran over by a full trailer, another friend’s dad had had a heart attack and was in the hospital, and another friend’s kid was having surgeries on both legs (this was planned). I had also been in a lot of pain from my recent surgery and didn’t have any pain meds.

I took time to think about all of this and couldn’t believe that it has all happened on one day. Why? Who knows–God–but will we ever fully be able to understand the reason things happen? Maybe not, but that’s when we learn to trust in Him in every circumstance and not just when things are on the up and up. It’s easy to say we trust Him when everything looks good, but when things are being thrown at us it makes the Faith rise up and say… “no matter what, I will continue to trust in Him… because His ways are perfect and I am His daughter [son] and nothing can ever change that!”

You see, we weren’t promised an easy life when we became his children… in James we read that we should count it all joy when we have trials of various kids. James didn’t say “if”. He said, “when”. You see. Papa understands that we are able to learn more about Him and our faith is able to be strengthened when we go through various trials. Believe me when I say, “I am talking to myself and reminding myself of these things.”

Life isn’t easy. Life isn’t fair. Life is an adventure. And if you keep your heart in the right place the “trials” won’t seem as bad because you can then see the trials from God’s point of view and His point of view is higher than ours so the trials seems to be possible to make it because we know He is leading us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and we have nothing to fear.

I love you all and would appreciate if you would continue to pray for my friends who are in the hospital. I’d love to pray for you. Please comment if you have any requests.

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