Spring Cleaning

I remember growing up and my mom would wake us up, the windows would be open, and it would be time to start spring cleaning. Honestly, as a kid I hated these days. It meant that instead of spending time playing, we were cleaning the parts of the house that is neglected through the winter. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about what we do to our houses during spring cleaning and realized that I have quit doing those things, which has caused me to accumulate a lot of unnecessary belongings.

Over the next year, or more, I have a dream to travel across the US to compile a book of quotes from people in all 50 states. Which has caused me to realize that my material possessions will not be of use to me. This started my spring cleaning. I started by throwing all of my clothes on my bed (of which I thought I didn’t have that many clothes until they were all piled on my bed). I then proceeded to get rid of anything I didn’t wear over the past year. Something then happened, I started getting rid of clothes that I wore but didn’t really like. I ended up with over 8 trash bags full of clothes that I no longer wanted. My closet now has 50 hangers with clothes, which includes t-shirts… and let’s be honest, we all typically have a huge pile of t-shirts that we have collected over the years.

When I finished going through my clothes, I realized that material possessions aren’t the only things that I needed to cut back on. Over the past 10+ years I have been “collecting” friends on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and realized that many of my “friends” were sitting there and neither of us were interacting with each other. I then asked myself, am I friends with these people so that I have a higher friend list? I decided it was time to eliminate those people I am friends with on social media that did not uplift me. This was harder than I thought, but easier as well. There were some people that I had unfollowed, because of the negativity on their page, but I didn’t want to lose the number so I kept them as a friend… but not anymore. There were celebrities that I had friended, but let’s be honest–they aren’t my friend.

I wanted to allow my social media life to be a place where I could find inspiration from others, help motivate others, and enjoy what was being posted. I started unfollowing people on Instagram and realized that I was following a TON of people that I had never interacted with, which eliminated about half of the people I used to follow. Then I moved over to Facebook… that’s where it amazed me how many people I needed to unfriend. It may sound harsh, but this morning I realized… I used to have almost 2,000 friends on Facebook, and now I have about 900. While this may seem harsh, I found it peaceful.

Some people I was “friends” with on facebook, were not friendly in real life. I don’t want to allow people to see the things I am doing on a daily basis if we are not going to talk to each other throughout the month. I do realize that I have friends across the globe, or friends that I only see once a year or so… but the difference is that when I see them it’s like time hasn’t passed. Those friends are still friends, but those I never interact with on facebook or in real life… they are just squatters. And as I scroll through my social media feeds now I realize how much peace I have because I’m not annoyed by certain people, or having to scroll past posts that shouldn’t be on social media in the first place.

I’m not at the end of my Spring Cleaning, I have books, memorabilia, jewelry, and other non-material things to go through, but the one thing I have realized is that the more time you take between each spring cleaning, the more stuff you accumulate and the harder it is to be motivated to start removing the unnecessary things in your life.

Winter is over. It is time to move into your new season. Spring is the time to bloom in new ways and to see God change you. However, you have to be willing to allow Him to come in and make those changes in your life. He may have you start by minimizing your wardrobe, removing people from your social media, or any other way that will change you for the better. Whatever it is, be ready to see the change in your life when you start moving toward God’s changes in your life. It is going to be beautiful. So open up your windows, allow the Holy Spirit to blow through the chambers of your heart, and see what happens in your life. You honestly have nothing to lose if you are following God.

I would love to hear how you have been Spring Cleaning, whether physically or spiritually. I love learning from others and to see what has worked for them. Drop a comment, share this post, and get to cleaning!

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