Flow With It

It’s been a while since I’ve taken time to sit and write. However, it was because I was traveling and spending time with family. A lot has changed in my life since my previous post, so this is an update on what my future is looking like.

I went to Israel last month, it was life changing, and honestly, one of the best trips, if not the best trip, I have ever been on. Being able to walk where Jesus walked is such a surreal experience, but I’m getting ahead of myself because there will be many posts in the future about my time in Israel. However, it was during my time in Israel that God started talking to me about my future.

If you aren’t aware, I have been working on my Masters of Divinity since last August, I am about a year away from finishing; however, as we were in Jerusalem nearing the end of our time in Israel I was questioning why I was in the MDiv program and felt that God was saying it was okay to quit and do something else. I started researching different Master programs at Southeastern and stumbled on their Counseling degrees. (If you are unaware, my Bachelor degree is in Psychology).

Fast forward, I get back from Israel on a Sunday, and on Tuesday I called my advisor to ask him if it would be possible to swap out my class that started on Wednesday from Systematic Theology II to Foundations of Counseling (since it would make sense for the transfer into the counseling program). He worked magic and made the swap for me.

In the midst of that, I also called the counseling department to see what I needed to do to start the application process. When the guy called me back on Wednesday I was told that the application deadline was the previous Monday. Inside I said, “God, why did I start this process if it was going to get cut down that quick.” Then in the next moment the guy told me that the dean of the college had decided to extend the deadline to that coming Monday! Say what?! It was almost as though God replied to me saying, “I know things that you don’t, just trust me.” That day, I started finishing all of the paperwork needed to be accepted into the program. I had all of my files in by that Friday.

The final step to be accepted into the program is the interview that I will be doing this coming Monday (video). I am looking forward to this, because it is a time for the program director and other faculty members to share their hearts, but also a time for me to ask any questions and share my heart as to why I want to pursue the Masters in Counseling.

Going back, once I realized that I would be moving to Florida for at least two years to do the program, I sent Natalie a text to let her know and she sent back asking whether I needed a job. Long story short, I have started the process of becoming a certified teacher in the state of Florida in hopes to be a reading interventionist at the school Natalie will be teaching at. Of course, I know that if God has other plans, that He will open that door and close this one. I have taken the initial test, passed two parts and will be retaking the other two parts at the beginning of August.

Not only did Natalie start the ball rolling for me to be able to get a job, but she also started the ball rolling for me to have a place to live once I move to Florida. I cannot deny God’s hand in every aspect of this change in my life. I know that this is my next move to get closer to living out my dreams. And while it won’t be easy to leave my family and friends here in SC. I am beyond excited to see what else God has in store for me through this journey.

As I have recounted this story to many people over the past week, I continue to be in awe of how this all happened during one of the hardest times in my life, when I thought that I was going nowhere and I felt that I was being abandoned. I continue to be blown away by God’s faithfulness and provision. I know that life isn’t always easy, believe me… I’ve been living in the not so easy part of life the past few years. But even through those moments I have seen His hand on my life.

I think too often we pursue God when we feel like we are at the end of our rope, because we know that He is a safe place. But we need to learn the importance of pursuing Him when we are on the mountain tops. The pursuit is thrilling in every season, because He is continually revealing different aspects of Himself to me and I just want to learn more about Him.

So whether you are on the top of a mountain, or down in the valley know that God loves you deeply and that He will always meet you where you are. Don’t forget to praise Him in all seasons, because He deserves all of our praise. If we won’t praise Him, the rocks will.

I would love to hear where you are at in your story, whether you are in the valley, climbing up the mountain, or at the summit, I love to hear other’s stories and testimonies of God’s goodness!

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