It has been just over 2 months since I last posted and in those two months I have: packed up my life, got a new career, was accepted into the MS Marriage and Family Therapy program, said goodbye to my family and friends, got a new car, moved to Florida, changed positions after the first week, became a resident of a new state, and have slowly been adjusting to life in Florida. As you can see, my life is completely different from a year ago.

In one of my classes, the first assignment was to read Larry Crabb’s book Connecting. As I was listening to the words (Audible books are great for the car), I realized why I have been feeling so disconnected. A month ago I left the people I love, thankfully I have the Stovers here in Florida; however, life isn’t the same when you leave the majority of your community.

This past year has been a stripping of things that I held dear. Does that mean I shouldn’t hold things so dearly? No! However, in the midst of the stripping I have also learned a whole lot about myself. God has been teaching me that it is okay to be by myself. It doesn’t mean I am alone. Being single my whole life, I’ve always thought nothing of it, until I moved. I then realized how it would help in the transition, because you have a “built in” friend no matter where you go. However, I have learned a lot by being here by myself.

So back to the book I had to read. Crabb explains the importance of connecting. Oftentimes when we connect on a deep, intimate level with our friends we can experience the same healing that we would if we were seeing a therapist. Friends, don’t be afraid to open up to others. We need those connections, the people we know we can count on to listen with attentive ears and who will guide us biblically. Be willing to say the things that might be hard for the person to hear, but if you’re saying it in love… the friendship will grow deeper and stronger.

So connect. Not digitally, but face to face. And if your friends are states away, connect on video, not just chat. See what difference it makes when you are trying to be all in with each and every conversation you have with your friends. Put your phone on “do not disturb” and be present in the conversation.

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