Black Lives Matter

I have thought a lot about this phrase over the past few years. I used to think, “Well, don’t all lives matter, not just the black ones?” But then the more I read what my black friends were posting about this statement the more I realized the importance of this statement. This statement doesn’t say “only black lives matter”. This statement says, “black lives matter”.

The majority of white people do not need to be told that their life matters, I do realize that there are some who are needing to hear that due to circumstances out of their control—such as the women, men, and children who are sex trafficked daily—but this statement goes deeper than just letting someone know that they matter. This statement is telling an entire people group that they matter—and believe me, they matter! They ALL matter. Even the ones that are not on the “right path” right now—their lives matter.

To my black friends, I am sorry for being quiet on this topic for far too long. While I would never consider myself to be a racist, because I truly care deeply for each and everyone of you! I can understand that saying nothing is just as bad as saying something racist. While I have defending black people in my every day life, and have called people out when they would be derogatory towards black people, I never fully understood the importance of really speaking out to help bring about a change.

Earlier this year I read the biographies of Martin Luther King, Jr, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and W. E. B. Du Bois and my heart broke. While I have heard the stories, watched documentaries, read about history, etc. something was different this time.

When I lived in Belize, we experienced being the “inferior” race. My dad was charged with being at fault for an accident, even though the guy hit the back of my dad. I realize that this is completely minute in comparison to what black people face daily here in America, it made us realize that things like this truly happens. Now let me be clear, I am not saying that I can sympathize and feel what my black friends feel, but what I am saying is that I do empathize with you. My heart breaks for you. No human should ever feel less than anyone else because of their skin color, nor should a human feel better than another human because of their skin color.

We live in a broken world, but we also know the One who came to heal this broken world. I read a post of a friend’s earlier and she mentioned that Jesus made a whip to drive out the vendors in the temple. Jesus. The perfect man. The one who saves us from death. He is the one who MADE. A. WHIP. And drove people out.

There is a season for everything under the sun.

A time to sit by and be quiet, and a time to raise up your voice to the men and women who are in a position to help bring a change.

There is a time to stand alone, and there is a time to come alongside your black brothers and sisters and raise up their arms in the midst of their battle.

What are you going to do in the midst of this time? Are you going to sit idly by thinking that your voice doesn’t matter? Do you know how many times that it was because one voice stood up for what he or she believed in that brought about change? ONE VOICE! Are you going to be that one voice?

2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter

  1. I enjoyed this and I believe in a lot of what you are saying, but being a blonde buxom woman I have had a life that only matters when someone looks at my chest. Women also have gone throught tremendous strides to not be property—when a husband owned his wife and could beat her as long as the stick was not more than 2” wide- Fighting to vote, own land, be single, choose not to have children, jobs, etc. To say women cannot empathize or see what it is like for many black americans is not quite honest. I cross the street if a see men in a group no matter their color, I have been pulled over and judged for being a dumb blonde. I have worked in male dominated fields all my life and fought for everything. I was sexually assaulted in high school and college, and there was never any hint I wanted to be attacked or”wanted it”. I cannot remember anything before age 6 but I think the neighborhood boys did something to me. I remember them asking me to pull up my dress for a dollar. I was 7. I have so many friends of color and I hope I have never let them think I did not have their back. I worked in sports all the way up to the Olympic level and color was never an issue. I can remember people saying they could not tell the asian people apart. I could recognize Japanese from Chinese or Vietnam, or Korea, etc. I learned how different an british person looks from a russian or latvian or croatian to french or irish and yet they were all white. Maybe we all look white, but we are more than our skin. If I joked I am sorry, so many people made fun of me I just learned to self deprecate and make jokes. That included white and black men and the women who glared at me. So I see your point, but I cannot see why so many are so hateful to the point of murdering people in the streets and destroying their own cities and black businesses. I know many have been bused in and paid to destroy everything they can, I have seen the bricks stacked on city blocks for the rioters to use. Who would do that? Someone who wants to destroy America. We all came to this country in different manners, most of our ancestors were not wealthy, many indentured servants, many irish came as actual slaves ( read about it , no one ever told me ) many came from prison and many came when other tribes sold them to white men with a boat and many came because they were in debt and had to leave.
    We as a nation on October 27th 2017 publicly repented for this egregious sin. I want to know what else can be done. The press hates Trump and I do not believe he is a racist, I have pictures of him and Rosa Parks accepting awards on behalf of what they did for people of color. I believe he loves America and wants to see it healthy and to expose all the politicians who are raping our country to gain access wealth be stopped. I believe so many in places of power have much to hide and as he pulls back the dirt on them they are desperate to do anything to get him out of office. Since they own the press they have done nothing but saturate hate and lies to the point people believe it. POC had the highest job rate increase in history and higher pay and advancement. Why is that not reported? Do I like the name calling, no I do not, but He has NO outlet to tell Americans what he is doing so he goes to social media.
    This is not about all lives matter as much as it is about America matters. We spread the gospel more than any other country, at least for now. Our freedom is why people come here. But I want to know what will stop this racism and I can only think prayer and Jesus. It is spiritual warfare. No bills passed, no amount of money given out will ever be enough, we have already had a black president and that did not bring people together so what can? Again, the gospel is the power to save lives and change people into a new creation. Following Jesus and reading the word and praying for those who persecute us is what we need. We need pastors to speak up boldly about sin and quit giving up a bible lesson, we need to repent.
    So thank you for your eloquent blog on this. I do believe you have the pulse of your generation. I hope all my friends of color know I love them and I hope I never said anything to hurt any of them, and there are a lot. I am so tough now after being made fun of my whole life I figured others did too. I am not a woman of color, I am lacking pigment with my english and irish and 4% syrian background I cannot relate to all POC feel, but I do have some perspective being viewed by others as a person who could not be a home builder ( they always ask for my husband) for being a football trainer for years, a wrestling and field hockey trainer among all the other sports. ( as if a woman could do that) I was the lone female in a sea of testosterone who could only see what I looked like in the mid section and therefore was not a whole person but someone you could touch or joke or grab or be too stupid to understand why I was being pulled over. But I am not those things and neither are my friend of color. But only God can fix this and we know the time is short. The man of lawlessness is on his way and next the christians will be on the chopping block. As it is written in His word. So pray and keep praying and keep writing. It is excellent and not a long ramble like mine. lol.


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