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Be kind.

As I was scrolling through my various I noticed people making fun of others because of the way they looked. Or maybe they were posting pictures laughing at them. I got to this one photo of this guy and I noticed... click to read more

Let’s Go!

Eugene Peterson was a man of God. And he transformed the way that I viewed the Bible. Once I read The Message paraphrase, my eyes were opened to the Bible in a way that I never thought possible. I was able to understand what God was saying through His written word. He authored many books, and recently I read Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work and I wrote a review on the book that I want to share with you. Click to read more...

Me too.

Me too. When I started this blog I wrote a post talking about the reason and stating that there would be some posts that are harder than others to write. This is one of those harder ones to write. Click to read more.