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There have been a lot of people who have asked how they can help Alexa and Robert during this time and while we could set up a GoFundMe, those companies charges a fee to use their services. So, since I have a website I figured this would be the best way to minimize any additional fees that would accrue from people wanting to help support them.

Right now, the biggest concern is the time that Alexa is here she is out of work. Since she works in the service industry, there isn’t PTO time for her. But of course bills will still be due. She wants to be able to stay here with her mom and in order for that to be possible, we need to come together to support her and help her with the extra expenses that they have while being in Florida; as well as helping make sure they aren’t stressed over any bills they have coming up.

If you are able to help in any amount you can send money directly to Alexa through:

Venmo: @alexaj2010

CashApp: $alexaraej


6 responses to “How to help…”

  1. Thank you for setting this up. I’m a friend of Letitia’s from PA, way back in the 80’s. We reconnected when I moved to Anderson. Thank you.

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  2. Hi! We’d like to contribute. Venmo asked us to confirm the last 4 digits of Alexa’s phone number. Please provide. Thank you!


  3. Tisha was my childhood neighbor growing up. Her mom and my mom are best friends and I am heartbroken by this tragedy. I’m praying for peace, understanding and healing at this time


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